Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I buy Online

It's easy, you select the product you want to buy, edit the quantity and follow the steps to purchase. If you have any more quastions, don't hesitate to open the message box in red, on the right hand bottom corner of your screen.We are here to help :-)

When can I excpect my delivery

Due to the high volume of purchases, our lead times are anywhere from 2 - 7 days depending on the product, best would be to open up the chat service in the bottom right of your screen and chat to us about your requirements.

Can I buy special items on credit?

No unfortunatly not, the special items have been negotiated on the basis of buying either with eft's or card payments

When does the special end?

Black Friday and Cyberweek starts the morning of the 27th of November and ends on Sunday night the 6th of December at midnight. All purchases made online untill that moment will be homoured at the purchase price.

Stock up.

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